Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Switching to Wordpress

Hey Everyone, I am finally switching to wordpress.com it is much better than blogger and that is were Kevin's blog is and he is tired of me whining about blogger. So I hope you follow me over there and check it out!!! 


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pool Time

Today we went to the pool with Hilary. The girls were really good!! We had fun and they were so cute! Hilary gave them a popsicle - Of course Liv loved hers but Ella's got melted because she was too busy swimming! Ella was a little fish and swam from one end of the pool to the other and jumped in and had a blast. Liv played on the stairs and tried to stay out of Ella's splash zone but she definitely had a splash zone of her own. Liv loved kicking.  Can't wait to go back!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sleepy Girl

So tonight we had a leadership meeting and we were out past Liv's bed time. When we got home I started getting thier PJ's on then Liv disappeared. So I continued getting things ready for bed for them and a little while later I realized I was ready for bed but no Livia. So here is what I found in the livingroom.  I actually think she would of fallen asleep there if I hadn't found her. 
She was excited to see me though and ready for the camera! So cute!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Just Sayin

Okay this has been floating around in my head for a while so I'll share it with you and hope it helps. I follow Bobbie Houston on twitter. She is the wife of Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston. Anyway one day she twittered - "heart is in the right place but insecurities abound" 

That totally described someone that I had been frustrated with and it made it so much easier to forgive and move on because I truly believe that person's heart was in the right place. 

It also describes me and so many people I know. Sometimes we let our insecurities get the best of us and do or say things we normally wouldn't. 

Kevin is really good at believing the best of people - I am the more skeptical one. When I can see straight through someone's facade I just think they are a fraud instead of seeing them for what they are - insecure. 
This has really helped me keep a clear head about things and situations and made it much easier to deal with people that are just trying their best. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mom & Dad's Trip to Italy!

Here are a few pictures of their trip! I have 150 favorites...I won't share them all at once but wait until they tell you all about it! They had a great time! 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Liv loves shoes! Wonder where she gets it?

Liv loves shoes. She loves her shoes and everyone elses. If you take your shoes off and she can get to them she moves them around the house. We can't seem to ever find Ella's shoes because Liv has carried one off somewhere. Kevin has been missing one of his rainbow sandals for a while who knows where it will turn up. Anyway She found Ella's boots and went a walkin!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Matt Gilbert

This is a lost picture I forgot to blog. It was from our Easter picnic where our friend Matt (who loves children) was helping is out with Olivia. You see Matt and Olivia share the same birthday and they have always had a special bond - as do Matt and most children! 

Okay well actually Kevin tossed Liv over to Matt and I took a picture before he dropped her like a hot potato and he will probably never let me live this down that I blogged it! We love you Matt! 

Monday, April 13, 2009

In Italy

Well I just had to post a few pictures of where my parents are at in Italy. They have been gone for 2 weeks on a trip of a lifetime! They are having lots of fun and said we just had to check out this city that they have been in most recently. It is Portifino, Italy. They said the food has been really good except at one nice restaurant mom ordered a pizza with octopus on it. We talked to them on Skype a few days ago and Olivia just wanted my dad to hold her. She was so cute and she kept saying, "mon papa" like come on and hold me and squeezing her hands. Ella was telling me that she wanted to go to Italy with Mimi. Yes, Ella me too! 

a few more easter pics.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter part 2

Okay here is part 2 of our day. 
Lunch and Easter egg hunt in the back yard. 
Liv is so proud of herself! 
Ella got some money in one of her eggs and she said, "Can I take this money to church and put it in the bucket?" We loved that she wanted to do that with her money! 
I think she was beginning to zone out a little but I took her picture anyway because she was still. 
right before we were done hunting the eggs liv dropped her basket. When the eggs fell on the ground some of them busted open and the candy came out. She was in shock. She didn't realize they had candy in them and then she was obsessed with opening every single one and eating all the candy. Up until then she was content just finding them and putting them in her basket. 

Easter Sunday

Here is our Easter so far:
Church was really good. We went to first service and came home but Kevin is still there at the 2nd service. Here is a picture of my bunny cake. It's not like the ones my grandmother used to make for the kids its a smaller version. Kevin doesn't like coconut cake so I knew if I made a big one that me & Ella would eat it all.
Here are me and the girls. We dressed like pink easter eggs... Liv's toes kept coming out of her shoes. Her big toe stayed in just fine but all the others kept coming out the top and it hurt her to walk like that so every few minutes she came up whining pointing at her foot. You can see it in this picture. I tried to explain to her that it's not always easy to be pretty. 
She couldn't get the pez out with her hands she tried and tried. I guess you are never to young to know when all else fails...use your teeth!
Daddy met us at church and helped us to class and back to our car. He stayed to drive the bus to additional parking and Ella begged to be his copilot. She thinks it is so cool that her daddy can drive the bus.  
My family looked so good today! 

Here are the girls when they first woke up and took a look at their baskets. Liv just immediately dumped hers out to see what was inside and Ella gently picked her presents out of hers. So funny Liv was trying to see what she could eat first. 
Here are their baskets. Liv had mostly candy and toys but Ella got a new necklace to wear to church with her Easter dress.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


This week Kevin got to come see Ella's class. She was so happy he could come watch her. She learned how to stop in the middle of the balance beam jump up and keep going. She landed it first time. Its like hop but she went for it. But what can I say she learned to jump at like 3 months old. Also, she loves to jump off the end of the beam and some kids are really scared but Ella loves to do the twist jump. The teachers were impressed how brave she was!

Okay, we are still working on the front flip over the bar. Still didn't come natural this week but I think Kevin and I are going to try to build her confidence and help her learn it. It takes a little coordination with the arms and head that I think she is not used to. You kind of have to use your head for momentum and she is a little afraid. 
Very slowly Sarah helped her over. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Picnic

Sunday afternoon was our church's easter picnic and Liv's first easter egg hunt. It is at a park near our church and it is mostly open fields. In one little area of trees they drop a bunch of eggs and let the kids pick them up and then the kids exchange them for a bag of candy. Ella and Liv loved the open space to run around.  
She paused for a quick picture - Hurry mom I gotta go! 

At first Ella's feelings got hurt by another little girl so she didn't want to hunt but then I went with her and she had fun. See all the kids dashing off to get their eggs. 

Did I mention Liv loves the wide open spaces? 
The next picture is of Kevin chasing her down for the 100th time :)
And the picture after that is Kevin saying, "okay mommy, its your turn"

She loved her easter basket. She thought it was a new purse! 
She took her own time picking out what color egg to put in her basket. The more I coached her the more time she took! Once she found one she liked she put it in her basket and walked a few steps and took it out and set it back on the ground and kept walking. Didn't really get it.