Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Amazing Anniversary!

My Husband is incredible! Yes, after 8 years of marriage I am happily married! Not because he bought me diamond earrings, perfume, and other gifts but because he loves God, me and our family and is such a great example to us!  Last night we had a really fun date night...dinner, shopping and a movie! 

So yes, I got the diamonds. Yesterday morning I surprised him with a few small gifts for him and so he gave me a few gifts he got for me but wanted to save the earrings for dinner but in the gift bag for some other gifts I found the certificate of authenticity from the jewelry store and I said ooh what is this? Totally shocked he had to get them out!! Yeah! I enjoyed showing them off and wearing them to dinner! 

Even though Ella had given me a hit about the diamonds I found out that she did keep a lot of other surprises. Kevin took both girls to the mall shopping for perfume, a crystal rose, to get my watch battery replaced, a coffee mug and house shoes. Then took the girls to chick-fl-a. Which if you know my girls is no small task to do all of that. Good job Dad!!