Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Here is our Easter so far:
Church was really good. We went to first service and came home but Kevin is still there at the 2nd service. Here is a picture of my bunny cake. It's not like the ones my grandmother used to make for the kids its a smaller version. Kevin doesn't like coconut cake so I knew if I made a big one that me & Ella would eat it all.
Here are me and the girls. We dressed like pink easter eggs... Liv's toes kept coming out of her shoes. Her big toe stayed in just fine but all the others kept coming out the top and it hurt her to walk like that so every few minutes she came up whining pointing at her foot. You can see it in this picture. I tried to explain to her that it's not always easy to be pretty. 
She couldn't get the pez out with her hands she tried and tried. I guess you are never to young to know when all else fails...use your teeth!
Daddy met us at church and helped us to class and back to our car. He stayed to drive the bus to additional parking and Ella begged to be his copilot. She thinks it is so cool that her daddy can drive the bus.  
My family looked so good today! 

Here are the girls when they first woke up and took a look at their baskets. Liv just immediately dumped hers out to see what was inside and Ella gently picked her presents out of hers. So funny Liv was trying to see what she could eat first. 
Here are their baskets. Liv had mostly candy and toys but Ella got a new necklace to wear to church with her Easter dress.

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Karen said...

The bunny cake is so cute! You and the girls looked so pretty and thanks for taking the pictures, I like knowing the details.