Thursday, April 9, 2009


This week Kevin got to come see Ella's class. She was so happy he could come watch her. She learned how to stop in the middle of the balance beam jump up and keep going. She landed it first time. Its like hop but she went for it. But what can I say she learned to jump at like 3 months old. Also, she loves to jump off the end of the beam and some kids are really scared but Ella loves to do the twist jump. The teachers were impressed how brave she was!

Okay, we are still working on the front flip over the bar. Still didn't come natural this week but I think Kevin and I are going to try to build her confidence and help her learn it. It takes a little coordination with the arms and head that I think she is not used to. You kind of have to use your head for momentum and she is a little afraid. 
Very slowly Sarah helped her over. 

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Anonymous said...

It's so funny that she has a hard time with the front flip... she does so well with the pull over (mounting onto the bar by kicking over) and that takes SO much more coordination than rolling off. She really is so strong and she's gotten so much better! She does the forward roll all by herself! :)