Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Picnic

Sunday afternoon was our church's easter picnic and Liv's first easter egg hunt. It is at a park near our church and it is mostly open fields. In one little area of trees they drop a bunch of eggs and let the kids pick them up and then the kids exchange them for a bag of candy. Ella and Liv loved the open space to run around.  
She paused for a quick picture - Hurry mom I gotta go! 

At first Ella's feelings got hurt by another little girl so she didn't want to hunt but then I went with her and she had fun. See all the kids dashing off to get their eggs. 

Did I mention Liv loves the wide open spaces? 
The next picture is of Kevin chasing her down for the 100th time :)
And the picture after that is Kevin saying, "okay mommy, its your turn"

She loved her easter basket. She thought it was a new purse! 
She took her own time picking out what color egg to put in her basket. The more I coached her the more time she took! Once she found one she liked she put it in her basket and walked a few steps and took it out and set it back on the ground and kept walking. Didn't really get it.