Saturday, April 18, 2009

Liv loves shoes! Wonder where she gets it?

Liv loves shoes. She loves her shoes and everyone elses. If you take your shoes off and she can get to them she moves them around the house. We can't seem to ever find Ella's shoes because Liv has carried one off somewhere. Kevin has been missing one of his rainbow sandals for a while who knows where it will turn up. Anyway She found Ella's boots and went a walkin!


Karen said...

Liv you are so cute and I bet you'll be running in those boots in no time.

michalkate said...

what size does she wear.....i will have a pair waiting here for her...seriously....i don't know why we didn't just do that before. i don't care if she grows out of them fast, she can have them for the summer.....that video is adorable. i would tell stephen to watch it but i am mad at him cause he got me sick.....i will tell him to watch it is too cute to miss.