Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter part 2

Okay here is part 2 of our day. 
Lunch and Easter egg hunt in the back yard. 
Liv is so proud of herself! 
Ella got some money in one of her eggs and she said, "Can I take this money to church and put it in the bucket?" We loved that she wanted to do that with her money! 
I think she was beginning to zone out a little but I took her picture anyway because she was still. 
right before we were done hunting the eggs liv dropped her basket. When the eggs fell on the ground some of them busted open and the candy came out. She was in shock. She didn't realize they had candy in them and then she was obsessed with opening every single one and eating all the candy. Up until then she was content just finding them and putting them in her basket. 


Karen said...

All of you looked so pretty and handsome. Great family picture!

Hilary Surratt said...

I love all of your Easter pictures! You are such a fun mom! very creative, and I love how everyone was wearing pink! So fun! What a great Easter!

michalkate said...

So cute, and you look amazing!