Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today's Message

Kevin spoke this morning at shift and it was really good. He started a new series called intake which is all about what you watch and listen to. He talked about Lot and how his wife and family were too interested in the things of the world and how we need to stay away from the forbidden things and stay close to God. That is so true - He challenged us to look at our life and see if there is anything that we have been too interested in that is distracting us from God.  I especially related to his message because of his example of Lot. See Lot made it out of the city but his wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. I thought about that for a while today and really asked God to help me evaluate my life. I thought about her and what was she thinking? She was Lots wife - I mean she knew better. She saw God use Lot and his family (Lot was Abraham's nephew). It doesn't matter if you are married to a preacher or in a family that has been used by God you can still be distracted if you allow it.  This is something I wanted to pass along to you. After thinking about that all day I realized that I should never assume that someone is not struggling. God has been putting people on my heart to pray for lately and I think why am I praying for that person? I'm sure that they are just fine. But I should never assume. Just obey.  I hope that you take a minute and just evaluate your life and just see if there is anything that you have been too interested in that might be distracting you from God or anything that you are watching or listening to that you should change. 

Anyway, this morning I watched Ed Young before I left and he was talking about what kind of people we surround ourselves with and it was incredible too~ He asked are you surrounded by adders or ladders? Adders are a type of snake like a viper. He was saying that adders are slithery, secretive, and gossipers and will only bite but that ladders will encourage you, and help you out of the pit falls of life. I am so thankful when I look around. Just the last 2 weeks we have had some of our family visiting from Oklahoma. My parents, my sister, and Kevin's sister and family. They are definitely all ladders for us. God has used our family to encourage us. I am so grateful for them! Ed Young was talking about how God uses pits in our life to build character in our lives. Even though I don't feel like we are in a pit right now I definitely feel like God is developing character in our life. Ending all of this Ed was talking about being loyal to God. How we depend on God being loyal to us but we continue to fall because we are not loyal to Him. That's my last thought for you - Be loyal to God this week!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Outings

Today we went to the beach and around town and finally ended up at the mall to see Santa. What a great day with the family. Early this morning Kevin and Brian went out and got a few black Friday deals. We got a new camera and I love it.  We will sure miss all of our visitors. Karey and Brian head home tomorrow. This morning Ella said, "I don't want Karey and Brian and the girls to go back to Tulsa. I wish I could see them everyday." Tonight Karey was talking to Ella and said, "we sure are going to miss you. I wish we could stay here longer." and Ella said, "but you don't belong here, you have to go back to Tulsa and take care of ginger (their other dog)." Sometimes Ella really does understand what is going on. She knows that they will be back to visit and we will see them again soon.  
Oh yeah, Ella asked Santa for a princess castle and a big dog.  - She found a giant stuffed animal dog bigger than she is and a Disney doll castle. I think Santa can handle that. I just hope it doesn't change in the next 30 days. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hello, thanks for checking us out

Here we are! 

Trying to Simplify our life

Sorry for all the changes. I guess I thought that if I was ever going to change my blog name and info the sooner the better. This makes my life easier and keeps all of our info together.