Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Health Habits

Wondering what you all do as far as eating healthy + low fat + good tasting?

As far as it goes here we have to pick one. Are we going to have a healthy meal (I'm talking organic) with no butter, low sugar, lots of veggies and without high fat or dressings OR are we going to have a low fat meal with low-fat dressings and low-calorie substitutes OR just a good tasting high everything meal. 

So far we usually mix it up and I have to announce to everyone, "This is Healthy so eat it" and then we go and blow it with Kevin's favorite Fried Fish and Mashed potatoes the next night. 

So is it better to go with a low-calorie substitute as most diets recommend or to go organic and get rid of all substitutes and just deal with a different (bad) taste?

On the Today show this morning they had the author of the great book "Eat This not That" and he showed two of my favorite salads that are calorie disasters. 
1. TGI Friday's salad Pecan crusted Chicken salad = 1,300 calories = 6 1/2 glazed donuts
2. Chilies Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad = 1,100 calories = Medium Pizza from Dominos

I couldn't believe it. I'm sure my other favorite salad is a disaster too. The Zackby's fried chicken house salad with honey mustard dressing. It is yummy though!

So what are you eating? I would love to hear your comments!