Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our last few day's of vacation

So here are a few more pictures from our vacation and our trip home. 
This is Sarah my niece and Ella. 

So Sarah says, "liv's hands are dirty" and I said, "she loves to wash her hands so can you help her wash them?" then a few minutes later ella comes running the living room saying, "mom, livia is in her diaper in mimi's sink and she is all wet. come and see" She was having the time of her life and did end up with clean hands thanks to Sarah!

This is us traveling through the airport. Ella loves the escalators but I can't take the stroller on them so we race to the elevator. 
Ella loves the train at the airport. 
This is daddy getting it done!!! He got both the girls to sleep the whole flight! 

On Saturday it snowed a few inches! Ella loved it. It was the best kind of snow. You know the one that makes a great snowman. 

Ella and Karianne playing in the backyard. 
Here is the snowman
Liv didn't feel very good so she had to watch from inside. 
My friend gave Ella this Ariel costume. She loved it and looked amazing too! 

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