Friday, March 27, 2009

Catching Up

Our Visit with the Sharpe's! 
This is Addison swinging in the backyard. 
This is baby Jayce. He is so cute. 
Here are the boys. Kevin, Brannon and Jayce
And the girls, Me, Sheryl, Addi, and Rae Rae
Now a big sister too! The girls love their baby brother. 
What can I say she loves the camera. She is so beautiful! 

Ella and Michal at the farm. We came to see the new baby calves but couldn't leave out the cat. Ella loves their barn cat. 

Liv loves the animals too. She wants to get in the pen with the horses. 
Kevin and the girls as we visit my Grandpa
Beautiful Ella
Lunch with Kevin's Dad
Visiting the Fire Station. 

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