Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Papa's Girls

So oddly enough we only got to see my mom (the girls call her mimi) for 2 days since she had a trip planned the same dates as ours to London and Paris. She had a great time with my Aunt Sheryl, Sister Janette and Niece Samantha. So the girls spent some time with Papa and they loved it. They are already missing our family and Ella just says I miss Papa and Mimi but since liv can't talk yet here's how I know what she is saying: 

My dad always has a roll of fruit flavored certs in his pocket. The kids love them and even before they have teeth he holds it out for them to lick. Ella asks for a cert constantly and liv automatically gets one if Ella does. Well at the airport when we were saying goodbye dad gave me the rest of his roll of certs to give to the girls. I stuck them in the side of my purse. Well, today Liv spotted them. I pulled them out and gave each of the girls one. Ella quickly ate hers but Liv took her cert to the door and started pointing to go out there and then pointed at the cert. TRANSLATION: Take me to papa!

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