Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Amazing Anniversary!

My Husband is incredible! Yes, after 8 years of marriage I am happily married! Not because he bought me diamond earrings, perfume, and other gifts but because he loves God, me and our family and is such a great example to us!  Last night we had a really fun date night...dinner, shopping and a movie! 

So yes, I got the diamonds. Yesterday morning I surprised him with a few small gifts for him and so he gave me a few gifts he got for me but wanted to save the earrings for dinner but in the gift bag for some other gifts I found the certificate of authenticity from the jewelry store and I said ooh what is this? Totally shocked he had to get them out!! Yeah! I enjoyed showing them off and wearing them to dinner! 

Even though Ella had given me a hit about the diamonds I found out that she did keep a lot of other surprises. Kevin took both girls to the mall shopping for perfume, a crystal rose, to get my watch battery replaced, a coffee mug and house shoes. Then took the girls to chick-fl-a. Which if you know my girls is no small task to do all of that. Good job Dad!!

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GiGi said...

Wow! You both are so blessed to have each other. What a totally amazing day and family. Ella did do a great job and she just let you now enough to get you excited and wondering what to try to imagine. Post some pic's you know we all can't wait to see. Happy Anniversary from the Davis Family!