Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Broncos Weekend...Pictures still to come

Pictures are still to come. I have got to get all the camera's, printers, and computers all working together in my house. That's my problem with the week plus gap in the blog spot. It's just difficult to take things apart with liv around. She is into everything and definitely notices anything new I am doing. She really wants to get that apple on my laptop. It lights up and she hasn't figured out what to do with it yet. So far she has tried to touch it, bang it, and lick it. 

Anyway, this weekend was amazing!!! We took the kids to a Bronco's/Panthers game. So we drove 3 hours to Charlotte, NC and we got to the game about an hour early. So we got to see the players warming up. It was really cold so after putting as many clothes on the kids as possible I was just praying that I didn't end up in the car with them while Kevin watched the game. As fate would have it...because God loves Kevin, the kids were awesome. Liv fell asleep in the first quarter and Ella fell asleep in the 2nd quarter and we watched the game without any interruptions and the kids were all snuggled in blankets!!

I say God loves Kevin because we thought about going to this game but couldn't find inexpensive tickets or a babysitter so we had given up and then out of the blue a guy from church called with 3 tickets he wanted to get rid off and practically gave them to us. We know that God gives us the desires of our hearts and I think he knew that Kevin needed a Bronco's game.

After the game we went to our hotel which was only 8 blocks from the stadium. Downtown Charlotte is really nice. We ordered room service and then took the kids to the pool. Since we forgot Ella's floaties she was just sitting on the stairs until Kevin got the life preserver down for her and she loved it swimming around them pool until she was wrinkled. Liv didn't know if she liked the pool or not. It wasn't cold but it wasn't very warm so me and her didn't stay long. 

Monday morning we drove to an awesome mall and had a great day shopping together. Kevin knew from the beginning of the shopping experience that we had to get Ella's imagination working for us or else it would be misery. So he rented her a car/stroller and she loved it. I mean for like 4+ hours of shopping she was easy. The mall had a kids play area so when the girls wanted out of the strollers we took them there and then to ride the carousel before we left. They loved the Bass pro shop and even got to see Santa...again. 

On the way home both girls fell asleep and were perfect the entire ride. THANK YOU GOD!!
Now I am just trying to get caught up and get the kids back in their routine. 

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