Monday, March 9, 2009

Outside Pictures

So we were playing outside, the weather here has been beautiful like high 70's and 80's. Ella has been playing with our neighbor who is 5 yrs old. His name is Lawton but she calls him Lot. This is a picture of her talking to him through the fence. They do this for hours. They love it!! She says she wants to marry him when she grows up but I keep telling her to leave her options open.  
This is Liv getting a better look at what Ella is doing without actually getting off the deck to go see what Ella is doing. 

We were having so much fun until....Liv decided to eat some dirt. 

This is her enjoying some time away from the dirt. 
Ella was trying not to smile but she just couldn't hold it in. 


SarahLynness said...

so i actually started crying when i saw these pictures! I miss you all so much!! I can't believe what little people ella and livy g have turned out to be! Can't wait til you are here!!! me, ella, and livy g have a trip to the zoo calling our names!!

Karen said...

Oh how cute they are! Thank you for sharing. Love you all.