Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Samantha!

Hey Everyone, 

Well in My family we go through birthday seasons. My brother has a birthday on December 3rd and my sister as one a few days later December 9th. And in July my nephew has a birthday on July 7th and my Grandpa has a birthday July 8th. Very few of us get to have our birthday week all to ourselves. Well all of that to say this is the March birthday season and today is my niece Samantha's Birthday!!!! Its not a normal birthday though it is her 16th birthday!!! 

I love her so much!!! I wish I could be there to see her take her first spin in her new red AUDI. Well new to her but yes I said red Audi. But I may be just as safe out here in SC. Just kidding - I hear that she is a great driver. 

So Happy Birthday girl! I hope that you remember this day forever!!! We love you and can't wait to see you - One week from today!!!!

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Karen said...

Happy 16th Birthday, Samantha!God Bless you and protect you.