Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playing at the park

We had so much fun taking the girls to the park the other day. Liv was so funny. She wanted to do everything Ella was doing but it wasn't as easy as Ella made it look. 

Like the tire swing for example. Ella made it look easy but Liv just slipped through. Daddy saved her though.
Ella made this look fun too but she wasn't sure what to do....
And then couldn't figure how to get off of this thing~

And even though we were at a large playground of nice playground equipment Ella found that sliding down the big hill on a piece of cardboard was tons of fun!!
Liv didn't want any help on the slide. Although she obviously needed it. She finally figured it out ALL BY HERSELF! 
Those were the perfect pants for sliding. She went really fast and wasn't sure if she liked it until she stopped at the bottom. Then she wanted to go again!
This was an almost disaster caught on film. Ella started skipping down the hill and it quickly turned into a run and then Kevin said, "oh no" and I was hitting Kevin saying, "hurry help her" and by some miracle she got control and stopped herself. We were sitting on a bench but we were too far away to have caught her in time. Whew...

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GiGi said...

Oh, my you guys are always doing something fun. Or at least you are having fun doing what you do. Ella looks like such a grown up, and Olivia is being such a big girl too. Wish I was there, can't wait to see you guys! Lots of Love. GiGi