Thursday, March 12, 2009


This weeks Gymnastics class was really fun. Ella was the most comfortable there she has been so far. She is trying to follow directions but bless her heart some of it is like a foreign language to her. Here she is working on the bars. She naturally just wants to swing her feet up there so she is learning to use her arms. 
This is her working on jumping with both feet at the same time. This doesn't come natural either. 
Align CenterHer favorite so far is the rings and as you can see below she is totally unaware of the camera. 
Loves the dismount off the balance beam. I have to try to keep her from practicing her dismount on all our furniture throughout the week. 
And this is grumpy. She usually loves going to class and watching Ella but this week she just sat in the chair with her snacks. Every time I tried to make her do something she just frowned at me. I have no idea where she gets her stubbornness. 

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Karen said...

I can just picture Ella dismounting the furniure and Liv right beside her.