Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun at the Park

I realized something this trip to the park. I have two really brave girls. I mean Ella had a lot of fun playing and wasn't scared and didn't need any help and Liv wasn't afraid to give anything a try.

So I was amazed that Liv wanted to climb up the slide backwards. She could have just walked up the ramp but she wanted the challenge. 
And she did it! She made it to the top all by herself. 
And she stayed up there for a really long time. She kept and eye on me and Ella from up there but she didn't come down until....
She got tired. And then very, very, very slowly she slid down the slide. In fact she stopped here for a while and got very, very sleepy. I even went and checked on her to see if her eyes were open. After a rest she  got down and played at full speed again. But wasn't interested in the slide anymore. So cute! 
This is a close up of her thoughts about swinging. She didn't cry but looked very concerned. 

You gotta love this face Liv is making. Priceless!!!

Ella loved swinging but Liv wasn't sure. She just wanted to try it since Ella was doing it. 
This is Ella getting Liv for me. Liv kept trying to escape the playground area and all I had to say is "Well Ella I guess we better go" and she would run get Liv and play with her. 

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SarahLynness said...

These picture are all so great! I miss all of you soo much!! But you gotta love liv's yoda-fuzz hair!