Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekly Update

Me & Liv. She actually saw the camera and posed. I don't really like this one of me but I couldn't resist because she was so cute! 
Kevin had just got home from work and Liv has to get up on his lap.
 This is the missing picture from the night we made the fire. Once was lost but now is found and I just had to post it. She loves having a fire and she always asks if we can have mushrooms. She has always confused them with marshmallows
This is princess Ella in her skirt that Karey sent. It was one of the girls but Ella likes to say it was Brittany's skirt. I can hardly get it off of her. The last picture is one of Ella's cute outfits that I had to put on Liv. She loves the fur. 

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michalkate said...

All of those pictures are so adorable. The one with Liv posing is adorable, and you look adorable too!