Monday, December 22, 2008

Backyard fun

Here are a few pictures from the last few days. The girls have had so much fun playing in the back yard. Today Kevin worked on our leaf situation in the back yard. This fall seemed to go by so fast we didn't get them all up yet. Since we got Ella a little jeep for Christmas he is trying to get them out of the way for her. I was too cold to stay out there so Kevin built me a fire so I could keep him and Ella company. Liv was inside taking a nap inside. 

Ella loves to play like she lives in the garage. She says mom I gotta go to my house and she just stands inside the door and looks out at us and then pops out and says, I'm back. That is a picture of her coming back to visit me and liv at our house. That is her daily outfit right now. Ariel nightgown (she doesn't sleep in it, she sleeps in her silky one from the king girls) and dress up shoes. 

That is liv in her adorable little dress that I got her to wear to the staff Christmas lunch. She hasn't been fond of dresses lately but I actually got her in it for the whole day. So cute! She even kept her headband on for a while! 

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