Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Outings

Today we went to the beach and around town and finally ended up at the mall to see Santa. What a great day with the family. Early this morning Kevin and Brian went out and got a few black Friday deals. We got a new camera and I love it.  We will sure miss all of our visitors. Karey and Brian head home tomorrow. This morning Ella said, "I don't want Karey and Brian and the girls to go back to Tulsa. I wish I could see them everyday." Tonight Karey was talking to Ella and said, "we sure are going to miss you. I wish we could stay here longer." and Ella said, "but you don't belong here, you have to go back to Tulsa and take care of ginger (their other dog)." Sometimes Ella really does understand what is going on. She knows that they will be back to visit and we will see them again soon.  
Oh yeah, Ella asked Santa for a princess castle and a big dog.  - She found a giant stuffed animal dog bigger than she is and a Disney doll castle. I think Santa can handle that. I just hope it doesn't change in the next 30 days. 

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